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Satellite HDTV

Learn more about satellite television and how it works.



By having satellite TV, viewers will always have a choice. They have numerous channels to select from and they can personalize their lineup with an array of premium sports and movie packages. Several satellite TV providers even offer commercial-free music stations.

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About Satellite TV

Satellite television is a form of television programming which is wirelessly transferred to TV sets around the globe through a network of radio signals, communications satellites, broadcast stations and outdoor antennas. Broadcast signals are sent from satellites orbiting the Earth and received by local and regional satellite TV systems.

A Background Story about Cable and Satellite TV

Initially, for televisions to function, a signal needed to be transmitted from an antenna (transmitter) positioned at a station or broadcast source to a receiving antenna (receiver) on the television itself, or placed on the roof of a house. That worked well provided that the transmitter and receiver were in close contact. Houses that were too far away from the transmitter were not able to catch the signal. In the 1940’s the earliest cable companies advanced and eliminated that problem. They constructed massive antennas which were able to receive signals from hundreds of miles away. They then laid out coaxial cable starting from the cable reception facility directly to houses; very much like they continue to do today.

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Want to know how Satellite HDTV service really works?

Satellite TV technology uses specialized antennas referred to as satellite dishes. These satellite dishes transfer signals to a satellite receiver like a set-top box or satellite tuner module inside a TV set. The programming source transmits signals to a satellite provider broadcast station and these waves are then caught by a compact satellite dish and broadcasted back onto the TV sets.

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Streaming Service DIRECTV NOW

DIRECTV NOW is a live streaming, or over-the-top service that provides 120+ live TV channels, premium programming choices and the means to access more than 20,000 On Demand titles. No credit score assessment or annual agreement is needed and you may cancel whenever you want. Just create a registered account, choose.....

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HDTV Reviews

Get the latest information on the latest TV options available in the market. Know what to buy and what to expect. Also, get the best pricing and information on TV models available for different TV brands. Make the best and wise move when it comes to getting quality entertainment and quality equipment.

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