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Month: November 2005

Will IPTV Content Be Limited?

November 2, 2005 | Ibex Marketing

The rise of IPTV -- getting video content on-demand and streaming over the Internet -- is an intriguing and powerful new development. There's a potentially dark side to it to, however. The service provider who controls the connection to your home will also be empowered to control what content you get to see. Broadcast television and radio has long been regulated by the US government to encourage free speech and...

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Pedal to the Metal for DLP HDTV

November 1, 2005 | Ibex Marketing

Texas Instruments continues to dig for display gold on the high-speed race tracks around the country. Yesterday, the company announced a marketing agreement with the International Speedway Corporation that will make DLP HDTV products the official high-definition television at race tracks including Daytona, Taladega, Darlington, and Watkins Glen. This slipstreams right behind TI’s deal with “Hall of Fame Racing” to place DLP advertisements on their NASCAR race cars. As I...

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