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Month: August 2006

Video on Demand to Grow

August 31, 2006 | Ibex Marketing

If you're a frequent reader of HDTV Almanac, you probably know that I'm a big proponent of the concept of "command and control" for video entertainment and information. By this I mean that you can watch what you want, when you want, and where you want. I believe that is the driving force behind change and new technology in video. A new study by the market research firm iSupply lends...

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Truth Patrol: Screen Sizes

August 30, 2006 | Ibex Marketing

According to a story on, the German consumer magazine Test advises that you should sit no closer to an HDTV than three times the screen's diagonal measurement. So for a 32" model, you should sit at least 96" away, which is eight feet. Now, I'll admit that this is a second-hand reference, but the facts are so simple that it's difficult to think that the reporter misquoted it. And...

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OLEDs Ready for Prime Time?

August 29, 2006 | Ibex Marketing

OLEDs are one of the most promising novel display technologies, especially for HDTVs. They have the brightness, and viewing angle of a traditional CRT, but also the fine detail from the physical pixels like an LCD. And the OLED panels can be a fraction of the thickness and weight of an LCD or plasma panel. A number of technological problems remain to be worked out, but progress is being made....

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Are You Up for Downconversion?

August 28, 2006 | Ibex Marketing

New jargon alert: downconversion. You may have heard of upconversion; this refers to the process that some DVD players use to take standard definition DVD content and expand it to high definition resolution. This is a form of scaling that essentially fills in the "missing" data when the number of pixels is increased. Of course, it can't know what's missing -- that only happens in the movies and TV crime...

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TV on the Road

August 25, 2006 | Ibex Marketing

On long road trips, I used to get so tired of finding new radio stations every hour or so as I drove in and out of range. Now satellite radio makes it easy to listen to one music station (or an entire sporting event) without ever losing the signal. I expect that some drivers would like to have the same service for television for their passengers. Well, now you can...

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Click for HDTV Help

August 24, 2006 | Ibex Marketing

Selling HDTVs online is a challenge. Buyers want to see the televisions in person, and want to be able to compare the image quality of different sets side by side. Amazon is trying to address buyers' concerns by launching a new "Click-to-Call" HDTV call center. The idea is to provide a 24/7 live service where customers can call in and get buying advice. The company plans to eventually offer this...

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Are You Watching HDTV?

August 23, 2006 | Ibex Marketing

A press release by InStat projects that the number of households receiving HDTV services -- cable, satellite, over the air, and IPTV -- will swell from 15 million in mid-2006 to more than 20 million by the end of 2006. That's a one-third increase in just six months. 91% of these homes will be in Japan and the USA. Yes, these are worldwide numbers, and that 20 million forecast is...

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LCD HDTV: The Big Show!

August 22, 2006 | Ibex Marketing

The arms race of "mine is bigger" continues unabated as Samsung has announced that it will sell a 70-inch LCD HDTV in 2007. The company has announced that it will show the new display tomorrow, Wednesday, August 23, at the International Meeting on Information Displays in Daegu, South Korea. The new 1080p display incorporates 120 Hz refresh technology, designed to decrease motion blurring in LCD panels. This is also another...

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Is HDTV Contrast Meaningless?

August 21, 2006 | Ibex Marketing

Almost every HDTV maker provides a rating for each model's contrast. Contrast is simply a measure of how different the "blackest" black compares with the "whitest" white that the display can produce. Contrast is one of the most important performance factors for an HDTV, or any TV for that matter. Good contrast helps make the colors "pop"; poor contrast gives the image a washed-out look. The reason that you can't...

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The New Home Entertainment Network

August 18, 2006 | Ibex Marketing

Times are changing rapidly in the home entertainment market. We're seeing all sorts of wired and wireless solutions being developed to bring audio and video entertainment, as well as telephone and information services to your home. But this raises the question of what happens to all this once it gets delivered there. In the really old days -- when the only choice was a rabbit ears on the TV or...

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