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Month: December 2006

Sharp Announces 1080p 32″ LCD

December 15, 2006 | Ibex Marketing

Sharp has announced that they will release a 32" LCD HDTV with 1080p resolution in Japan next week. It will come in two models: one with side speakers and one with bottom speakers. It's interesting to see that 1080p is starting to take over the LCD world. Unlike with plasma displays, it's really not that difficult to make the smaller pixels required by higher resolution panels. They've been making higher...

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Video to Go Will Blossom

December 14, 2006 | Ibex Marketing

A new study by the McLaughlin Consulting Group predicts that "personal viewer" sales will reach $1 billion in 2010. That's just four years out from now. The group also picks Apple Computer as one company in a good position to benefit from this growth, as it plays off the success of the iPod family of products. This study supports what I've been calling "the iPodding of video", which responds to...

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The Cost of Black Friday

December 13, 2006 | Ibex Marketing

A Sony executive has already gone on the record that flat panel TV prices have fallen too fast this year, and while it has been great for consumers, the low prices will make it difficult for manufacturers to fund expanded production and technological innovation. Now we hear from a retailer on the subject. In a report by TWICE, Best Buy indicates that the Black Friday promotions contributed to weaker earnings...

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Panasonic Offers Free HDTV Advice

December 12, 2006 | Ibex Marketing

If you buy a Panasonic plasma HDTV, you gain access to the company's Concierge program. A toll free number gives you access to experts who will answer basic and technical questions, and can even help you pick the right model for your needs. You can also use the service to get help with connecting your HDTV to home entertainment hardware. The big news is that now through the end of...

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How is HD DVD Doing?

December 11, 2006 | Ibex Marketing

Okay, the best buy in high-definition DVD players has been released: the Sony PlayStation 3 that includes a BluRay DVD player. Sadly, a severely limited product supply meant that they sold out in hours (often to speculators hoping to finance their holiday gift giving). So with PS3 models reselling for $700 or more, the HD DVD models remain a better bargain, with some selling for as little as $300. Is...

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Stealth DTV Antenna

December 8, 2006 | Ibex Marketing

The fact is that you don't need a special antenna to receive digital TV transmissions, though one designed specifically for the job is likely to do better. But say you live in a strong signal area -- within 15 miles of the transmitter or so -- and don't want to put an aluminum monstrosity on your roof and don't think that "rabbit ears" fit your living room decor, what are...

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HDTV Gets Personal?

December 7, 2006 | Ibex Marketing

A report from the McLaughlin Consulting Group (MCG) predicts that the "Personal Viewer" market could reach $1 billion in sales by 2010, just four years from now. A Personal Viewer is a small, head-mounted display that creates a virtual image of a screen many feet wide. The same technology that is making low-cost high definition rear projection displays possible can also be use used to create lightweight goggles and other...

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Local Weather from Satellite

December 6, 2006 | Ibex Marketing

One problem with satellite service is getting local programming. (EchoStar is an a major tussle with broadcasters and content producers for distributing "distant" network TV programming on its system.) Cable and over-the-air are great sources for local news including weather reports, but how can satellite services match that? Well, the Dish Network has found a way. In a deal with The Weather Channel, the service has developed a way to...

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Plug-in H.264 Conversion

December 5, 2006 | Ibex Marketing

Okay, this gets a bit techie so feel free to skip ahead to tomorrow if this is more than you want to know. ADS Tech has announced the release of Instant Video To-Go, a USB 2.0 device that provides hardware conversion for H.264 video. H.264 is also known as MPEG 4 (because it is included as a part of that spec), and is a highly-efficient way to compress digital video....

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Ambilight Online

December 4, 2006 | Ibex Marketing

Ambilight is the feature that Philips has added to some of its flat screen displays. It essentially frames the image with a faint glowing light, and is designed to enhance the viewing experience. It also may help reduce eye strain and fatigue by decreasing the contrast between the image and the immediate surroundings in your field of view. The intensity and color of the surround can change dynamically in response...

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