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Month: January 2007

SuperBowl in HD? Maybe not…

January 17, 2007 | Ibex Marketing

You've bought your magnificent HDTV and it's installed. You have upgraded your cable service so that you get their HD programming, to take advantage of the extra resolution of your new TV. And you've started making the shopping list for your SuperBowl bash on February 4th, because you've invited a mob of friends and family to come watch the game on your big screen in high definition. Not so fast,...

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Apple and Microsoft Back IPTV

January 16, 2007 | Ibex Marketing

IPTV is "Internet Protocol television", and refers to video content delivered over a network instead of broadcast over terrestrial towers, satellites, or cable systems. The rapid growth of YouTube and the sale of network broadcast show episodes over iTunes demonstrate clearly that people are ready to start getting at least some of their entertainment video content over the Internet. Microsoft and Apple have supported the concept for a while, but...

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CES: A Projector in Your Phone

January 15, 2007 | Ibex Marketing

How small can a front projector get? Small enough to be bundled into a typical "smart phone"! A demonstration by Microvision at CES last week showed a tiny package that was displaying full color, full motion video content, and the mockup showed it fitting into a cell phone case. No, it wasn't very bright, but an image the size of a sheet of paper was readily visible even in a...

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CES: New Lamps for Old

January 12, 2007 | Ibex Marketing

Aladdin was not the only one to consider swapping his old lamp for a new one. Rear-projection HDTV makers have been actively seeking alternatives to the traditional UHP lamps used in most RPTVs and front projectors. While these lamps are very bright, they also generate a lot of heat and are limited to a few thousand hours of use before the metals from the electrodes plate the inside of the...

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CES: Prices Keep Falling

January 11, 2007 | Ibex Marketing

As I've written here before, a lot of companies have been saying that they don't expect the flat panel HDTV prices to fall as much this year as they did last year. I can understand why they would say this; the 25% to 40% price drop made profits evaporate even while unit sales went through the roof. But I would also say that these same people didn't expect these price...

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CES: OLED Lives!

January 10, 2007 | Ibex Marketing

I know that this coverage is unbalanced, giving Sony two entries in a row, but the news is worth it. In addition to all their new products, Sony also is demonstrating a 27" 1080p OLED TV here at CES in Las Vegas. OLED is the technology that many think is most likely to gain a toehold against LCD and plasma. It is thinner than LCD, and has the brightness, color,...

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CES: Sony to Offer IPTV

January 9, 2007 | Ibex Marketing

At their CES press event Sunday evening, Sony announced plans to offer an IPTV service, which means providing video content over the Internet. Some models of the Bravia line will accept special modules that will allow you to connect the set directly to a broadband Internet connection, without the need for a separate PC. The service will stream video content to the television from the Internet, and you can choose...

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CES: More Dots, More Colors, and Faster

January 8, 2007 | Ibex Marketing

Okay, CES 2007 hasn't started yet officially, and I've already picked one of the "buzz themes" for the show. The press gets to shuffle from one massive press conference to another the day before show starts. If you think nobody will show up for an LG Electronics press conference at 8 AM on a Sunday morning in Las Vegas, think again; it was standing room only. So what's the theme?...

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Prices Keep Falling

January 5, 2007 | Ibex Marketing

Major manufacturers have been quoted recently, saying that the plummeting prices for flat panel HDTVs in 2006 were more than they had expected, but that price reductions in 2007 should be smaller. And I dismissed this as whistling in the dark. The new year is less than a week old, and V Inc -- makers of the Vizio brand of flat panel HDTVs -- has fired the first salvo. They...

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LG to Try Dual Format DVD

January 4, 2007 | Ibex Marketing

LG Electronics has announced that the company will show a new high-definition DVD player at CES. The drive will support both HD DVD and Blu-Ray formats. No mention was made about pricing or availability, or even how the drive would be configured. Some may view this as good news for the high-definition DVD market, as it "solves" the controversy between the competing formats. Add to this the news that Warner...

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