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Month: February 2007

OTA HTDV Gaining Interest

February 14, 2007 | Ibex Marketing

An article in this week's Newsweek explores the growing demand for antennas for over the air -- OTA -- reception of digital television signals from local broadcast stations. A number of factors could be in play behind this growing interest. Certainly, the fact that some viewers were unable to get the SuperBowl in HD over their cable system, but could get it OTA with an antenna sparked a lot of...

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SuperBowl HDTV Epilogue

February 13, 2007 | Ibex Marketing

Does the SuperBowl sell HDTVs? I haven't seen sales figures for January yet and February's only half over, but it's pretty clear from a number of metrics that I track that interest has fallen way off since February 4th. We're entering the dark time for HDTV sales -- aside from a possible bump from Chinese Lunar New Year holidays -- so you can expect to see manufacturers and stores doing...

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Corning Making More HDTV Glass

February 12, 2007 | Ibex Marketing

Corning owns the lion's share of the LCD glass market worldwide, and the company is gearing up for growth. In preparation for their annual investor meeting on Friday, the company announced that it expects the demand for LCD glass to grow at a compound annual rate of 30 percent for the next two years. By 2008, demand will nearly double this year's 1.2 billion square feet, to reach 2 billion...

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Reader Comment: Too Much IPTV?

February 9, 2007 | Ibex Marketing

I realize that the content on your site is available for free, but I must register my displeasure with all the coverage of IPTV. It is still in its infancy and tends to require special access or software or permission. I don’t think that a site that is named HDTVprofessor should spend so much time covering nearly every attempt by some one to generate or transmit IPTV video. Budweiser would...

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Radio Shack HDTV: Buy Online, Pickup Locally

February 8, 2007 | Ibex Marketing

As I've pointed out before, Radio Shack has a problem with its new foray into becoming an HDTV dealer; its stores are small. As a result, they don't have room for large screens, and only stock models up to about 37". And that's not nearly large enough for most American living rooms. So the company now offers larger sets for sale online through their Web site. Now Radio Shack has...

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DRM: Good News, Bad News

February 7, 2007 | Ibex Marketing

DRM stands for "copy protection" and refers to the various technologies that are used to deter the illegal copying and use of copyrighted material such as music, movies, and video. The problem is that DRM also prevents legitimate use of this material. Yesterday, Steve Jobs of Apple came out with a strong position against DRM technology in an essay posted on the Apple site. Why has he taken this stand?...

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Download Movies from Wal-Mart, The Sequel

February 6, 2007 | Ibex Marketing

Remember the tough old days when you used to have to drive all the way to Wal-Mart to buy a movie? (The average driving distance for the average American has to be under 15 miles, given the way Wal-Marts seem to be everywhere these days.) Thank goodness that if you want to buy a movie now, you can get it delivered immediately to your computer using the store's new online...

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Hey Bud, This IPTV’s for You!

February 5, 2007 | Ibex Marketing

Perhaps you caught the two quick ads last night on the SuperBowl; today is the official launch of Bud.TV, a new Web video site developed by Budweiser. This free site boasts a variety of original content developed just for this new Internet "channel". A number of current and former Saturday Night Live members are among those tapped for some of the characters, so there are recognizable names and faces involved....

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Thoughts on a 32″ LCD HDTV

February 2, 2007 | Ibex Marketing

I have noticed that a lot of people have come to the Almanac as a result of using search engines to find information about 32" LCD HDTVs. (Yes, I've got a nifty new tool that tells me all sorts of things about how people find the Almanac, and what they read when they get here;

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HDTV Tutorial: Contrast Ratio

February 1, 2007 | Ibex Marketing

I have noticed that a large number of people have come to the HDTV Almanac as part of online searches for information about HDTV contrast ratios. I go into the subject in some detail in Professor Poor's Guide to Buying HDTV, but here's the quick overview. Contrast ratio is probably the single most important performance factor in determining how you perceive the image quality of your HDTV. It is defined...

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