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Month: June 2008

Is Blu-ray Taking Hold?

June 16, 2008 | Ibex Marketing

I continue to be a skeptic about the adoption of Blu-ray, even though it has won the war of the high definition DVD standards. The biggest problem is that many Americans are satisfied with the image quality of standard DVDs scaled up for to view on their HDTVs. (The fact that many people buy HDTVs that are too small for the viewing distance could be a factor in this level...

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Flexible LCDs from AUO

June 13, 2008 | Ibex Marketing

"Flexible displays" actually fall into two distinct categories. There are the "deformable" displays that can be curled and uncurled; the holy grail in this department is the "pen" display where the screen retracts into a cylindrical case like a tiny window shade. However, there is a second, more modest category: "conformable" displays. These are panels that can be produced so that they are permanently curved. The auto industry is especially...

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Truth Patrol: Wal-Mart Goof

June 12, 2008 | Ibex Marketing

You have to be careful reading the specifications in advertisements, and we have a case in point this week in the Father's Day flyer from Wal-Mart: So what's wrong with this picture? A 52" LCD TV sounds interesting, and the under-$1,700 price sounds more like a plasma price than an LCD,so that's news. The ad also says that it is a "Full HDTV". But then it also states "1366 x...

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Time to Buy!

June 11, 2008 | Ibex Marketing

The summer slow-down and the stagnant inventories are adding up to pressure on retailers to move product. We're seeing some very tempting prices in advertisements, but perhaps the most interesting was the email broadside I received yesterday from In case you haven't been keeping score, Tiger Direct bought the Web domain when CompUSA went out of business and sold off its assets. As a result, you can generally find...

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HP’s Touch TV PC

June 10, 2008 | Ibex Marketing

It's not too soon to start thinking about what your favorite high school grad may need for college next fall, and HP announced a new computer today that has some attractive features. The new HP TouchSmart IQ506 PC is powered by an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, and has a 22" widescreen HD LCD display. It includes a Web cam, microphone, media card reader, built-in speakers, and both wired and...

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Sony Rolls Out New LED LCD HDTVs

June 9, 2008 | Ibex Marketing

Almost all LCD HDTVs use fluorescent lights behind the the LCD panel to provide a backlight. This is a relatively inexpensive solution, but has a number of shortcomings, not the least of which is the reliance on mercury that is an environmental hazard, which in turn makes it difficult to dispose of and recycle the television at the end of its life. As a result, many companies are looking at...

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Blu-Ray Faces More Blues

June 6, 2008 | Ibex Marketing

What if you won the battle but lost the war? Blu-ray technology beat out HD DVD as the high definition format for DVD movies, but the products have hardly rocketed off the launch pad. A report from market watcher NPD indicates that 45% of American consumers are aware of Blu-ray, up nearly a third from last year's 35% level. However, only 6% have plans to buy a Blu-ray player. What's...

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How Many Online Videos Viewed?

June 5, 2008 | Ibex Marketing

Here's a quick quiz for you: according to a report released last month by comScore, how many online videos were viewed in March 2008 by U.S. Internet users? a: 11.5 million videos b: 115 million videos c: 11.5 billion videos Now, before you make your pick, remember that this is just for one month. And it's just for the U.S. Okay? Ready for the answer? It's "c: 11.5 billion videos"....

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Best Buy Tries Free Electronics Recycling

June 4, 2008 | Ibex Marketing

Best Buy announced this week that it's trying free electronics recycling for customers in stores in three major market areas. Starting June 1, customers will be able to turn in products for recycling at no charge -- even if they did not buy the product at Best Buy -- at stores in the greater Minneapolis, Baltimore-Washington D.C., and Boston regions. You can't turn in everything. For example, televisions larger than...

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Digital TV Transition Train Wreck

June 3, 2008 | Ibex Marketing

Nielsen released a report last week indicating that 22% of U.S. TV households are either totally or partially unprepared for the digital TV transition next February (or Labor Day, if you're in Wilmington, NC). Some of the markets with the highest percentage of unprepared households include Milwaukee, Salt Lake City, Portland (Oregon), and Houston. The report also indicates that a disproportionate share of the unprepared households are Hispanic. Nielsen estimates...

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