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Month: October 2008

HDTV Price Crash

October 17, 2008 | Ibex Marketing

With international stock markets forcing economic writers to reach for their Thesauruses to find a word that goes beyond "volatility", we've added another factor to the mix for this train wreck that we call this year's holiday buying season. Manufacturers and retailers alike were counting on this last quarter of the year to balance their books, but high inventory levels and cautious consumer spending dimmed those prospects. And now the...

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What is “Affordable”?

October 16, 2008 | Ibex Marketing

Two related news items this week caused a little head-scratching in the professor's study. The first was an announcement from Sherwood that they were introducing a Blu-ray player designed "for affordability and optimum performance" with "an irresistable" list price of $299.95. And then there was the news that a new Blu-ray player bearing the Olevia brand will be available for "an aggressive" street price of $229 exclusively at Target. (The...

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Shop for Tunes on YouTube

October 15, 2008 | Ibex Marketing

One of my favorite refrains is "Who will pay for video entertainment on the Web?" I've accused the various publishers of throwing spaghetti on the walls of cyberspace to see what sticks. Well, look out because here comes another flung strand of pasta. In a blog entry last week, Google announced "Today, we're taking our first steps to providing YouTube users with this kind of instant gratification, by adding "click-to-buy"...

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DTV Transition: Oops.

October 14, 2008 | Ibex Marketing

Here's another lesson learned from the early transition to digital broadcasts in Wilmington, NC last month. According to a recent statement by FCC Chairman Kevin Martin, the NTIA underestimated the number of households that would want rebate coupons by 39%. Extrapolated for the nation, and the NTIA could find that instead of 8.4 million households requesting the $40 coupons, it could rise to as many as 19.3 million. Martin expressed...

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Preempting Movie Piracy

October 13, 2008 | Ibex Marketing

In South Korea (among other places), film piracy is commonplace. It was widely reportedly recently that Warner Brothers has decided on a new tactic to counter illegal copies of new release movies; they are releasing movies online two weeks ahead of the DVD release date. The company chose South Korea for this experiment because it has more than a 90% penetration rate for broadband Internet connections, and studies indicate that...

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Xbox Gets Nova

October 10, 2008 | Ibex Marketing

The IPTV camel has inched its nose a little further under the tent. You might find PBS and Microsoft to be unlikely partners -- especially centered on a video gaming console like the Xbox 360 -- but the two have come together to offer PBS programming on the Xbox LIVE service. You might be as surprised as I was to learn that Xbox LIVE already offers more than 8,500 hours...

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Black Friday Watch

October 9, 2008 | Ibex Marketing

I've been writing for months that we can expect to see price cuts on HDTVs this fall the way they vote in Chicago: early and often. Now TWICE and the IFR Group have teamed up to provide a weekly listing of the most advertised consumer electronics products, including HDTVs. Note that these are not necessarily the best deals, but simply the models that are advertised the most in the weekly...

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Does This Sound Right?

October 8, 2008 | Ibex Marketing has released the results of an online survey that have me scratching my head. They polled 1,915 "online consumers" in September, and of those who do not already own an HDTV, nearly 75% plan to buy one in the next 12 months. I don't know about you, but this number seems very high to me, if you think it applies to the general public. 57% of the respondants already...

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Diamond HDTV

October 7, 2008 | Ibex Marketing

Most of us keep an eye out for the best bargains in HDTVs, such as a 42" 1080p LCD model for under $700. But some people are less concerned with the total cost than they are about getting something special that will stand out in their home. So you can now have the choice of buying 185 of those bargain models, or buying a single set from German manufacturer Schaub...

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Do LCD Projectors Turn Yellow?

October 6, 2008 | Ibex Marketing

A number of years ago, Texas Instruments was embroiled in controversy for underwriting a research project that concluded that the image on some LCD front projectors turns yellow with time. The research results raised more questions than they answered, as they did not release important details such as naming which projectors were used in the tests. Well, I was in Chicago last week and got a chance to visit the...

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