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Month: December 2008

More on Broadcast 3D

December 4, 2008 | Ibex Marketing

It has been widely reported that Fox announced plans to broadcast the college football BCS championship game in 3D at select movie theaters in Boston, New York, and Los Angeles. The plans were announced this week by Fox Sports CEO David Hill at the 3-D Entertainment Summit. Perhaps more important were the comments made by Hill along with the announcement. He complained about how the networks had to bear the...

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Tweeter Closes its Doors

December 3, 2008 | Ibex Marketing

Already liquidating under a Chapter 11 bankruptcy plan, Tweeter threw in the towel and abruptly closed all of its 70 stores nationwide on Tuesday. More than 600 employees lost their jobs, and the company has petitioned a Delaware court to convert the Chapter 11 to Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection. Many customers have paid some or all of the price of equipment that they have not yet received, and they may...

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Another Transition Exception

December 2, 2008 | Ibex Marketing

I just knew that there would be more. KTVH in Helena, Montana, has joined the ranks of the early converters to digital broadcasts. Their transmission tower is located above 8,000 feet on Hogback Mountain (no kidding!) can be a bit difficult to work on in February weather, so they decided to make the switch on November 10 before the conditions turned nasty. According to one report in TV Technology, the...

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Blockbuster Goes Online

December 1, 2008 | Ibex Marketing

Netflix has a huge head start in delivering rental movies over broadband Internet, but Blockbuster is making an attempt to catch up. The company announced their 2Wire MediaPoint digital media player last week. The device is nominally free; all you have to do is buy 25 movie rentals for $99, which works out to $4 apiece. After you've watched the initial 25, you can rent additional movies on demand for...

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