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Month: March 2009

Hitach Hits Hard Times

March 17, 2009 | Ibex Marketing

What do you call a company that has more than 900 subsidiaries? You might call it "enormous", but you could also call it Hitachi, one of Japan's largest conglomerate corporations. And the global recession has hit the company just about as hard as many of its competitors around the world. This week, Hitachi announced new top management and restructuring plans intended to help put its balance sheet back in the...

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Growing Demand for Web-Enhanced TVs

March 16, 2009 | Ibex Marketing

Parks Associates recently released a white paper about U.S. consumer interest in broadband services delivered to their TVs. Nearly 50% of the respondents expressed interest in getting premium services (for a fee) such as streaming movie rentals and video on demand using a set top box connected to their TVs. Interestingly, about 40% would like to have these features built right into their TVs without the need for an extra...

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Wal-Mart and Best Buy Dominate CE Shopping

March 13, 2009 | Ibex Marketing

Where do you shop for your consumer electronics? According to a new study by market analyst BIGresearch (as reported by TWICE), a survey of shoppers in the first week of March revealed that 35 percent shopped most often at Best Buy for their electronics, and another 20 percent picked Wal-Mart. Third place trailed far behind, with Target getting less than 3 percent of the responses, and then Sears close behind....

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Reader Question: How to “Rescan”?

March 12, 2009 | Ibex Marketing

Q: I am at my wits end trying to find a site that will provide me with easy to understand instructions on how to do a rescan! Do you have any idea how I can find a source for this? Your site (after searching for an hour and fifteen minutes is the closest to anything I have found. I would greatly appreciate any info you could get to me. Iver...

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Hitachi Takes a Fall: $31 Million Fine

March 11, 2009 | Ibex Marketing

Hitachi is the fourth defendant in the U.S. Department of Justice's campaign against price fixing in the LCD panel market has pleaded guilty to a single felony count of conspiracy to fix prices. The complaint stems from the company's deal with Dell to supply panels for notebook and desktop monitors from 2001 through 2004. The plea agreement calls for Hitachi to pay a $31 million fine, and to cooperate with...

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U.S. Consumers Staying Connected

March 10, 2009 | Ibex Marketing

According to a new study published by In-Stat, most U.S. households will continue their television, cell phone, and Internet access subscriptions without a change. Only about 15% indicate that they plan to cut back, a change that is more common among households with annual incomes less than $35,000. Even though this is a relatively small portion of the total, the changes could cost the TV, wireless, and broadband subscription services...

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Does ZillionTV Have the Formula?

March 9, 2009 | Ibex Marketing

One of the hot Web-based TV services getting a lot of buzz these days is ZillionTV. Currently in beta testing, the service has the backing of major content powerhouses such as Disney, NBC, Universal, Sony Pictures Television, and Warner Bros. Digital Distribution. The company will provide streaming video content over broadband Internet connections, partnering with Internet service providers (ISPs) to market the service. You will be able to watch some...

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Ready for Your Close-Up?

March 6, 2009 | Ibex Marketing

The annual PMA convention was held this week in Las Vegas. This is probably the most important event in the photography industry. For HDTV fans, there's a new development worthy of note. Just a few years ago, we were amazed with the first HD resolution camcorder price less than $1,000 appeared. Up until then, only professional models with stratospheric price tags were available. These days, it seems that every home...

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FCC to Investigate DTV Licensing Fees

March 5, 2009 | Ibex Marketing

Vizio led the charge in creating "CUT FATT", the Coalition United to Terminate Financial Abuses of the Television Transition. (It is not clear, but it appears that only Westinghouse has joined this "coalition".) The group complains that they are being charged too much by the patent holders for licenses to use certain technologies that are required to create a TV with a digital tuner. They contend that manufacturers in Europe...

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Is Roku the Next Settop Box?

March 4, 2009 | Ibex Marketing

Forget cable. Forget satellite. If you're a movie lover, maybe all you need is a broadband connection and the Roku Digital Video Player. This is the $99 box that made waves when it was introduced as a gateway to the Netflix streaming video service. Then came news yesterday that you can purchase or rent movies from Amazon Video on Demand using just the Roku box. Combined, these two services give...

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