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Watch that Dock!

November 2, 2010 | Ibex Marketing

If you have a personal media player such as an iPod, you probably enjoy listening to and viewing your content in private. Bu if you're like many people, you also like to be able to share the content with others, especially at home. Just look at all the docking devices that include speakers so that you can fill the room with your music. But what about the pictures? Are you...

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A $40 Projector

October 28, 2010 | Ibex Marketing

Want a battery-powered portable projector? is selling the Eyeclops Portable Mini-Projector for just $39.99, and they'll ship it for free! It uses a solid state LED light source, so you'll never have to replace an expensive lamp, and it runs on just four D flashlight batteries. Now, before you get too excited, this is not an HD device. Heck, it's not even SD. The manufacturer's Web site does not...

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Maybe They Should Name It “3DIA”

September 27, 2010 | Ibex Marketing

CEDIA Expo is the annual show for the high-end home theater industry. (CEDIA is easier to say than "Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association".) It was held last week, and while many of the products are well out of range for the average home owner's budget (such as the new Runco D-73d DLP front projector that uses an LED light source and supports 3D content for a mere $50,000), there...

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Epson HD Projector with DVD

September 17, 2010 | Ibex Marketing

Epson has announced the new MovieMate 85HD, a 720p high definition projector that also includes a DVD player. This gives you a complete home entertainment system in a single unit. The projector uses three LCD panels, and is rated at 2,500 lumens for a bright image. The projector does not have a tuner, but you can easily connect it to a cable or satellite set-top box. It will ship later...

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Is That a Projector in Your Pocket?

August 13, 2010 | Ibex Marketing

Market tracking firm In-Stat has predicted that by 2014, there will be 20 million devices with pico projectors embedded in them. These are tiny front projector devices that use either bright LEDs or tiny lasers as a light source. They can create an image the size of a sheet of paper that can be viewed in most normal room lighting conditions, and with the lights dimmed way down, can make...

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5.4 Million 3D Capable HD Displays in 2014: Projectors

August 10, 2010 | Ibex Marketing

Pacific Media Associates is a company that tracks the front projector display market, and they have recently released their latest projections. They expect that 5.4 million 3D-capable front projectors will ship in 2014, which is roughly five times as many as are expected to ship this year. While some analysts see the education market as the focal point for these displays, Dr. William Coggshall of Pacific Media Associates sees it...

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Table Top 3D

July 28, 2010 | Ibex Marketing

At SID 2010 in Seattle, I saw a clever demonstration. Syndiant wanted to demonstrate how their pocket projector could be used to create a stereoscopic 3D image. So one of their engineers duct taped two of them together, put different polarizers across each lens, aligned the images, and voila! It was a very effective 3D projector that worked with passive glasses. So that was a cool way to get 3D...

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High-Definition Floor

May 5, 2010 | Ibex Marketing

Who wouldn't want a high-definition wall in their home? But have you ever considered a high-definition floor? Researchers at McGill University have come up with floor tiles that can have a surface image displayed using projectors mounted overhead. So far, pretty cool. But the plastic tiles can sense pressure and be made to vibrate. As a result, it can feel like different surfaces as you walk across it. This simulated...

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Sanyo 120 Hz HDTV Projector

April 30, 2010 | Ibex Marketing

Earlier this week, Sanyo announced a new front projector, the PLV-Z4000. The LCD projector has 1080p resolution and a 120 Hz refresh rate, interpolating the intermediate frames from a 60 Hz signal to produce smooth motion on moving images. It can also handle the film-based 1080p24 signal (24 frames per second) that can be produced by some Blu-ray players. The projector is rated at 1,200 lumens, which should be sufficient...

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ViewSonic Brings 3D Home

April 13, 2010 | Ibex Marketing

ViewSonic has announced their PGD-150 active shutter glasses that will allow viewers to watch 3D content on any of the company's 3D-capable DLP projectors. The glasses are priced at just $99 apiece, which is a reasonable list price this early in the game. This announcement also keeps front projection systems in the mix for those who want a giant HD image for under $1,200, and who also want to be...

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