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CES 2006: Watching a Supernova

January 11, 2006 | Ibex Marketing

Sometimes a little rejection is a good thing. And sometimes a lot is even better! While traipsing around the various mammoth exhibit halls at the Las Vegas Convention Center, I passed the DNP exhibit. DNP is Dai Nippon Printing, and is one of the leading makers of display screens for front projectors. I got a chance to see their Supernova screen in person. The screen is different from most in...

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LG Aims for #1 Spot

January 6, 2006 | Ibex Marketing

CEO and Vice Chairman of LG Electronics, S.S. Kim, recently stated that he intends to make his company first in the worldwide television market. According to a press release by SpatiaLight, LG will use SpatiaLight's LCoS imagers to create a 71" rear-projection HDTV. This is interesting news, but SpatiaLight's release contained a startling statement: "LG expects that LCoS televisions will cause a sensation in the marketplace because of their price...

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New High Resolution Plasma Panel for HDTV

December 15, 2005 | Ibex Marketing

Fujitsu Hitachi Plasma Display has demonstrated a 42-inch plasma display with 1080p resolution: 1,920 by 1080 pixels. The panels are slated to go into production in 2007, at which time you may see them showing up as HDTVs under the Hitachi brand. This high resolution at this size is unremarkable for LCD panels, but is an important development for plasma displays. There is precious little 1080p content available at this...

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Mitsubishi Wants HD-MTV!

December 6, 2005 | Ibex Marketing

January 16, 2006 is the date for the launch of MTV's new HD music channel, MHD. (Music-High Definition, I presume?) The station will air original and aquired music-based HD content. And on Monday, Mitsubishi Electric announced that it will be the charter sponsor of the new channel. Expect to see Mitsubishi displays sprinkled around the Vail, Colorado studios that will be home to the new station, as well as the...

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Brillian Bundles Tune-Up

December 2, 2005 | Ibex Marketing

Some of you may remember the early days of color TV. There was endless fiddling with the controls; people on the screen seemed to suffer from apoplexy, then jaundice, and then apparent sea sickness as you changed from channel to channel. Fortunately, color fidelity has been solved fairly well (even though engineers still quip that NTSC stands for "Never Twice the Same Color"). But as we move to high-end HDTV...

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Happy Thanksgiving!

November 24, 2005 | Ibex Marketing

Yes, like many of you, I'm off today to work on a good dose of tryptophan, tamped down with some fresh-baked peach pie. So I'm going to share some of my thoughts about what we have to be thankful about in terms of HDTV and digital TV. First on my list is choice. We have a choice of technologies for our displays, and we have a choice of vendors for...

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See You in Las Vegas?

November 16, 2005 | Ibex Marketing

What are you doing next year? I'm going to the HDTV Business Conference on January 4th, the day before the big Consumer Electronics Show -- CES -- starts in Las Vegas. It's put together by Insight Media, and will bring together the top executives from major companies in the HDTV industry. There will be presentations on everything from display technologies to IPTV. I'm especially looking forward to hearing about the...

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Samsung Hikes HDTV

November 11, 2005 | Ibex Marketing

Last week, Samsung announced a deal with the National Football League that makes Samsung's products the "Official HDTV of the NFL." Samsung products have good coverage of HDTV display technology, including LCD, plasma, and rear-projection DLP HDTV models. This move makes a lot of sense. Samsung has long used professional sports alliances as part of their marketing strategy. Sports are one of the main reasons that people get HDTV systems,...

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DLP Goes Mainstream

October 14, 2005 | Ibex Marketing

When it comes to propeller-beanie, techno-geeky, esoteric details, it’s tough to beat the micromechanical, digital micromirror device known as “DLP” (Digital Light Processing) from Texas Instruments (TI). (You can find out more about the details of DLP in Professor Poor’s HDTV Buying Guide.) This little chip is the heart of many front- and rear-projection displays, however, and has revolutionized the display industry. Still, it’s a bit of a surprise to...

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