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Category: Reader Questions

Reader Question: Digital TV Conversion Rebates

December 6, 2007 | Ibex Marketing

Q: I cannot find any specific information regarding the government rebates on the purchase of HDTV converter boxes. I read an article that mentioned a $50 rebate would be provided "by the government." However, there is no mention of a) who in the government b) who is eligible and c) how does one apply? I have recently purchased two HDTV sets and thus I am interested in finding out if...

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Reader Question: Are Shiny Screens Good?

September 19, 2007 | Ibex Marketing

Q: Can you tell me anything about the Samsung LN-T5271F LCD TV? It has a "shiny" screen. Is that a good feature? Ralph Proodian A: That's a great question, Ralph. The specification sheet for the LN-T5271F describes it as having a "Super Clear Panel". According to Samsung materials, this is designed to deliver "higher picture clarity and lower reflection". This is a feature that has been popular in notebook and...

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Reader Comment: HDTV Size Too Big

August 22, 2007 | Ibex Marketing

A reader who purchased a copy of "Professor Poor's Guide to Buying HDTV" sent the following comment yesterday: Your “calculation” of distance from the TV produces impractical results. At 1080p, your calculations indicate for a 42 inch TV you have to sit 5 feet from the screen. It makes no sense! A lot of people have that reaction, but the fact is that an HDTV needs to be much larger...

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Reader Question: 1080i Signal on a 720p HDTV

April 25, 2007 | Ibex Marketing

Q: I've noticed that some HDTVs are listed as 720p, but their specs says that they supports 1080i. Why wouldn't those TVs be listed as 1080i? With these types of TVs, would a 1080p signal come through as 1080i or 720? If an upscaling dvd player is used on those TVs, would it upscale to a 1080i or 720p image? J Neubauer A: This is an excellent question, and I...

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Reader Question: Plasma vs. LCD Energy Use

April 19, 2007 | Ibex Marketing

Q: Is there a difference in energy consumption between plasma and LCD? And does size make a difference; how much more energy do you use as sets get larger? John Kin A: As I've said, I expect that consumers will start paying more attention to environmental issues for all sorts of products, including HDTV, so this is a very timely question. First, LCDs tend to draw less power than plasma....

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Reader Question: LCD TV with DVD

April 9, 2007 | Ibex Marketing

Q: I would like your advice on the purchase of my first LCD TV. I have researched this but the more I read, the more confused I become! What model(s) would you recommend in the 26-32" range that are reliable, have a sharp picture, and are also capable of playing CD's? Does that even exist? I would like to spend less than $1000, if that's possible. Karen Kubert A: Karen,...

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Reader Question: Upscaling DVD Players

February 22, 2007 | Ibex Marketing

Q: New DVD players offer up-conversion of a standard DVD signal. How is this accomplished, and is this feature worthwhile? John Lee, Hawaii A: Standard DVDs produce a 480i signal (or 480p if it’s a progressive scan player). The new “upconvert” devices take the roughly 850 by 480 pixel image and scale it up to 720p or 1080p resolution. Now, the brute force way to do this would be to...

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Reader Question: Interference from Flat Panels?

December 28, 2006 | Ibex Marketing

Q: I am an amateur radio operator and I want to get a flat panel TV that will be in the same room as the radio transceivers. I am concerned about the new TV producing any interference for the radio. I do not get any noise from the LCD monitor on my computer in the room, though I did with the regular CRT monitors. Are plasma models as free of...

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Reader Question: Screen Size

November 20, 2006 | Ibex Marketing

Q: I have a 24" diagonal analog tv in my den. I want to buy a LCD HDTV widescreen to replace it. What size 16:9 aspect ratio widescreen HDTV will equal the screen size of my standard TV? I sit about 6 feet away from my TV. What is the largest screen size I should consider? Joe Ficara A: The 24" SDTV has an image height of about 14". A...

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Reader Question: Indoor HDTV Antenna

October 31, 2006 | Ibex Marketing

Q: I'm interested in picking up over the air HDTV indoors. Do I need a special antenna or can I use rabbit ears ? Radio Shack sells some antennas that are listed as UHF, VHF, and HDTV but are more money then the rabbit ears. I have heard of picking people up HDTV with just rabbit ears. Any help is appreciated. A: Let me start with a quote from the...

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