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Reader Question: Black Bars on Wide Screen

September 15, 2008 | Ibex Marketing

Q: Is there anyway to eliminate the "side bars" from an HD picture ? Jack Keefe A: To paraphrase a former president, we could do that, but it would be wrong. The "side bars" on an HD screen occur when you show standard definition content on a wide screen. The standard definition has a 4:3 aspect ratio — nearly square — while HD screens have a 16:9 wide format that...

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Built for “a Really Big Shoe”

September 10, 2008 | Ibex Marketing

Okay, I expect that few readers will remember how Ed Sullivan always introduced his Sunday variety TV show as being a "really big shoe tonight" (back in the day when TV hosts didn't have to be gorgeous and under 30). But if Ed's show was still on the air, you might want to watch it on a Runco CineWall CW-95HD. You also may not be familiar with the Runco brand....

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Laser TV Price Set; Brace Yourself

September 9, 2008 | Ibex Marketing

Numerous sources are reporting that Mitsubishi has announced the pricing for the 65" model of its new Laser TV, recently branded "Laservue". The rear projection 1080p design is slated to ship by "the end of the third quarter" -- ("Really, Seth? Really, Amy!") -- so we've only got to wait a few more weeks . And when it gets here, you'll be able to buy one for $6,999. Huh?!? This...

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So Long, Syntax-Brillian!

July 10, 2008 | Ibex Marketing

Syntax-Brillian, maker of the once popular Olevia brand of LCD TVs, is scheduled to slip slowly beneath the fiscal waves later next month. The company has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, let go of all but eight employees, and is selling off its assets. It's ill-fated Vivitar camera business is still running fine, so that is expected to be sold off separately. The LCD TV business is going to...

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Orders for Projector Lasers

July 8, 2008 | Ibex Marketing

QPC Lasers, Inc. announced last week that the company has received a contract for $3.5 million for red, green, and blue lasers to be used in a 3D projector system. This is in addition to the $12 million contract to produce lasers for Laser TVs that was announced last December. These are certainly some impressive numbers. The details indicate that this is not likely to result in new 3D projectors...

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Laser TV Makes Green Claim

June 27, 2008 | Ibex Marketing

Mitsubishi has announced that it will ship a 65" LaserVue laser TV starting in the third quarter of this year, with a 73" model to follow. Now, the third quarter officially starts on Tuesday and ends on September 30th, but I'll be stunned if we see any shipments before Labor Day. This does imply that these models will be available for the holiday buying season this year, but we've heard...

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JVC and Kenwood to Merge

May 16, 2008 | Ibex Marketing

It's all but a done deal; in October, JVC and Kenwood will merge into a single company. JVC has been struggling with its line of HDTVs and other consumer electronics products, and there apparently is some hope that merging with Kenwood's automotive entertainment systems business will provide some sort of synergy that can't happen as two separate companies. The new entity will be called JVC Kenwood Holdings, Inc. This is...

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JVC Pulls Back Further

April 28, 2008 | Ibex Marketing

The HDTV market continues to consolidate. The latest company to scale down operations and expectations is JVC. The company is ceasing production in Japan and Scotland, and will focus its manufacturing operations in other markets where it can make a larger profit. There had been reports that JVC was also going to stop selling TVs in Japan, which would have been a huge step. Instead, TWICE is now reporting that...

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Are You Spending Your Share?

April 24, 2008 | Ibex Marketing

A new report from the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) estimates that the average U.S. household spent $1,405 on consumer electronics in the past year. The CEA is the cheerleader for the consumer electronics industry, so take this result with a grain of salt. But with the average life span of a cell phone now down to 1.5 years, plus the enormous growth in the use of MP3 players, digital cameras...

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3D TV Is Coming

April 17, 2008 | Ibex Marketing

Back in the 50s, 3D movies with red/green glasses were a novelty that thrilled the horror film fans. 3D movies are much more than a novelty these days, however, with the amazing success of the "U2 3D" and"Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus" concert films. Disney and Pixar continue to generate animated 3D features, and are even converting "Toy Story" and "Toy Story 2" to 3D versions. As I've said before, it will...

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