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Happy Camper!

March 8, 2006 | Ibex Marketing

Okay, I know it’s not polite to gloat, especially in a setting such as this where I control the content. But something happened last Saturday that made me very happy.

As I walked down to the mailbox, I saw two big trucks out on the street, with a giant spool of cable between them. I asked one of the workers what type of cable they were stringing on the poles, and my heart skipped a beat when he gave me a one-word answer: “Fiber.”

Yes, folks, Verizon is stringing up fiber optic cable right in front of my house. Why is this little backwater in Bucks County so lucky? I don’t know. We were one of the first to get ISDN, and again with DSL, so maybe we’re just near the top of the guinea pig list. I don’t care what the reason; all I know is is that we may be in line for a triple-play service deal before the year is out. Phone, Internet, and television all over a single connection? I’d go for it in an instant.

Okay, enough gloat. But I will keep you posted on progress, and how triple-play can work out. So stay tuned.