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More Bad News for Blu-ray

March 6, 2006 | Ibex Marketing

A number of sources are reporting on an internal memo from LG Electronics that cites plans to drop the BD199 Blu-ray DVD player from the company’s list of products to be released this spring. The memo reportedly indicates that the company may develop a dual-format high-definition DVD player, but that would be much later in the year.

It’s hard not to pile on poor Blu-ray in the light of this news. It seems that the unified front presented at CES 2006 is coming unglued at the seams. Deliveries are being postponed or cancelled, cost estimates are high, and most of the news seems to be bad. The HD DVD camp has not been without their delays and setbacks, however. These developments do appear to open the door wider for HD DVD proponents to steal an early march on the Blu-Ray rivals; if only they can ship the promised products on time, they should enjoy a period where they’ll have the market to themselves.